Fashion a very interesting word right! Whenever we hear this word we immediately think about a person`s personality main thing called “CLOTHING”.

But this only word can`t complete the word fashion, hairstyle, jewelry, makeup, accessories successfully complete this word.

Communication! Some verbal phrases and methods which we used to speak with one another, this is absolutely right but for centuries different communities, different people use language of fashion to express themselves such as their class, race, families, religion and much more.


As we know that every language either it is English, French, Chinese, Spanish, has its own grammar and rules so does fashion. As we learn the rules of our spoken languages by our surroundings similarly we learn the trending lines of fashion by the people around us. Fashion has its dialects and unspoken rules which are applicable on different environment situations. Different people wear different outfits to communicate and to express their history, religion, and culture.


It is very important to choose the right vocabulary in fashion just like same in verbal language. Some people have their wide vocabulary in fashion through which they can build versatile outfits and communicate at different times. But some don`t have this vast vocabulary because of some reasons which can be economic restriction, lack of knowledge or might be something other which give them limited options to communicate with people through clothing.

Choosing different vocabulary in different situations can prove you as a well-educated person…similarly right choice of clothing in fashion could be a game changer. As you use casual form of language with your friends or family members and formal way with your workers or employers, similar thing happens in fashion. If you are wearing a skirt, heels, heavy makeup it is perfect to go in a bar but it is not suitable to wear it for an interview.

People use different words to express their emotions, their feelings to communicate similarly in fashion there are some slang and curse words which are used in the language of fashion. Slang is the casual way of communication in fashion and it includes jeans, cool t shirts, sweatshirts which gives you a relax feeling and appearance. Curse word includes bold clothing such as dark colors, ripped clothing etc.


In some countries and communities, the vocabulary of fashion is very advance but in some areas it is still same such as in some areas such as in some areas of united states women are not allowed to go topless. A specific dressing rules for Muslim countries, and some religious Jews have very strict rules and codes of dressing which can`t be broken. Their religious roots are so strong that no one can change their dress rules.


If we look towards the life of western peoples, they begin their clothing with stylish and trendy look but gradually the style goes down and it does not remain trendy. Different types of fashion come and goes. Some people wear trendy clothes with the time but some doesn`t wear latest style clothes by choice.

Fashion is well understood topic of communication in western culture and it doesn`t ends here, every type of trendy fashion leaves its impact on people’s mind for a specific time and this process always remains in a constant cycle.

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